Software Developer

The application window for this role has closed 11/15/2023

About the Role

Are you an accomplished software developer with a passion for building sophisticated web applications? If you are seeking a role that allows you to work in a close-knit, collaborative team environment and you're eager to take on meaningful responsibilities, then this opportunity may be precisely what you're looking for.

Autotroph is a team of collaborative, flexible, and creative individuals from diverse backgrounds, all coming together to uplift others in the Blender community. Those who thrive at this company have a team-player attitude and are willing to step outside of their comfort zones or normal duties to help customers and colleagues. Our remote work environment requires all of us to be self-directed, operate with minimal direct oversight, and communicate extremely well asynchronously.

In this role, you will be participating in the development, maintenance, and enhancement of our custom web applications. Collaboration is at the heart of our work, and you will be working closely with fellow developers to architect solutions, tackle intricate challenges, and create seamless user experiences. In addition to the exciting projects you will be engaged in, we also offer a strong commitment to professional development, ensuring that you have the opportunities and resources to grow and advance your career as a developer.

The ideal candidate for this role is a proficient problem solver with the ability to autonomously identify and address complex issues, demonstrating a strong sense of initiative. However, you should also be comfortable seeking assistance and working collectively with team members when encountering challenges that require a collaborative approach.

If you like the sound of this, apply today to join our team! Be part of an environment where your expertise is highly valued and where you can thrive professionally alongside like-minded professionals.


About Autotroph

We are a bootstrapped 3D education and software company with a mission to foster and elevate creatives within the Blender community. We provide tools and training necessary for anyone wanting to develop or master the power of 3D.

Autotroph consists of a small collection of distinct but related projects. Our current brands include:

Learn more about Autotroph and our projects in our company handbook´╗┐.

Primary responsibilities:

  • Develop new features and functionalities for our custom web applications.
  • Maintain and enhance existing software to ensure optimal performance and user experience.
  • Identify and troubleshoot software bugs and issues, providing effective solutions.
  • Collaborate with the team to solve complex technical problems and architectural challenges.
  • Communicate effectively with team members to exchange ideas, provide updates, and contribute to a collaborative development environment.
  • Attend team functions or meetings, which may involve occasional travel.
  • Contribute to comprehensive documentation for software projects, including code, processes, and user guides.
  • Efficiently troubleshoot and resolve software-related issues to maintain smooth operations.


  • 2-4 years of hands-on experience in software development.
  • Proven track record in developing web applications using the Ruby on Rails framework.
  • Prior experience in building and maintaining ecommerce websites or applications.
  • Proficiency in web development technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and various web development libraries.
  • Strong knowledge of software design patterns and best practices.
  • Demonstrated expertise in debugging, problem-solving, and troubleshooting software issues.
  • Experience using Git and GitHub for version control and codebase management.
  • Excellent communication and teamwork skills, with the ability to collaborate effectively in a team environment.
  • Strong attention to detail and a commitment to writing clean, maintainable code.

Nice To Haves

  • Experience using other libraries, technologies, and frameworks such as
    • Bootstrap
    • jQuery
    • React
    • SASS
    • AWS / S3 / CloudFront
  • Remote work experience.
  • A portfolio or demonstrable work examples showcasing relevant software development projects.
  • US residents preferred, but others may apply.

Communication tools we use

  • Basecamp: Primary communication tool for project and task management, including internal documentation.
  • Slack: Daily instant communication as needed.
  • GitHub: Where our codebases are managed and issues are assigned.

More About Us

Autotroph, Inc. is a 100% distributed remote team working across three countries, six time zones, and 10 different states. To learn more about our values, history, and how we work at Autotroph, check out our company handbook.

Benefits & Nitty Gritty

Our hiring process

Candidates should expect the following when applying:

1. Application review

We screen every single application carefully. Applicants meeting our requirements will receive an invitation to an initial interview with the Director of Product & Operations. Applicants not meeting our current specific criteria will recieve an email informing them of our choice to move forward with other candidates and an invitation to apply again at another date.

2. Initial interview

In our first conversation, candidates will get acquainted with the department head and the company. Candidates should be prepared to answer generally standard introductory questions and elaborate on their qualifications.

Those meeting our criteria will be invited to schedule a followup conversation with another member of our team. Candidates who are not proceeding will recieve an email thanking them for their interest as well as an offer of application feedback.

3. Technical interview

In the followup to our initial conversation, we will dive deeper into your technical expertise. Candidates should be prepared to share stories and examples which demonstrate their experience working in relatable environments and solving technical problems. We will inquire about your approach to software development, your learning process, and how you collaborate with others.

Everyone satisfying our requirements at this stage will receive a followup email inviting them to a final interview. Candidates not selected for this final stage will receive an email with the news and an offer of personal feedback.

4. Final interview

In the last round of interviews, candidates will join us for a more personal, in-depth conversation. The emphasis will be on ensuring there is an alignment of goals and values. We want this arrangement to be a positive step in your career as much as we want an additional contributor on our team. This conversation is intended to lay out our vision for the future while learning about yours' as well.

5. Final candidate selection

Those of us involved in the hiring process will confer following the final round of interviews. Our chosen candidate will receive a formal offer via email as soon as we have made our decision. Once that candidate has accepted the offer, all other remaining candidates will be sent an email thanking them for engaging in the process and inviting them to apply again when we post another open position.

The application window for this role has closed 11/15/2023