We do our own thing.

Autotroph is a software company that offers a wide range of products and services to foster and elevate creativity in the Blender community ("Blender"). 

Autotroph offers CG Cookie as the premier software education for Blender, while Blender Market is a vibrant online marketplace for digital tools and products. Additionally, Autotroph offers Orange Turbine to consult and develop software tools for small businesses and enterprise commercial business needs. 

Together, our products and services deliver resources and expertise to those exploring the potential of Blender. 

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Our Projects

CG Cookie

What started it all! Since 2008, CGCookie.com has been serving world class education & training on 3D content creation with Blender.


Blender Market

The premier Blender-focused marketplace trusted by Blender fanatics around the globe

BCON LA 2024

We hosted the first officially recognized Blender Conference outside of Amsterdam!


Orange Turbine

Helping companies of all sizes and shapes integrate the powerful and open source 3d software Blender into their production pipeline.


Who We Are