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The Best of Both Worlds

The AUTO 1 3D printer is a delta-type printer based on the popular RepRap Kossel design. It combines all the advantages of the open source hardware and software world with the low cost and convenience of a user freindly kit package with many incremental improvements. It is a fast, reliable, and precise printer – don't take our word for it, visit our website to see photos of the kind of printed objects this machine is capable of producing!

This design uses three stepper motors to rapidly and precisely position a lightweight nozzle over the mirrored print bed. It uses a quick-release filament extruder that makes changing filament a fast and simple operation, and has a controlled fan for the hot end to prevent overheating. The kit comes with a complete assembly and calibration manual, a no-soldering wiring harness, and more support available on-line. The printer may operate in a stand-alone mode using an SD card for file storage.

Examine some of the parts produced by an AUTO1

AUTO 1 features over the RepRap mini Kossel

Larger build volume

8 inch diameter x 5.25 inch high (203mm diameter x 133mm high)

Stronger frame

Redesigned corners, ABS base and Lexan® platen add rigidity

Filament out sensing

Integrated switch sensing of filament and pause/resume.

Easier filament change

Extruder allows filament change in seconds.

Integral filament feed

Includes reel holder and filament guide

Easy to build wiring harness

No soldering needed, just plug and play!

Integral Fan

End effector is pre-assembled with fan, shroud, and hot end power indicator.

Easy Calibration

Integral tower micro adjustment.

Items that are included with the kit:

- All aluminum extrusions

- All ABS, PLA, and Lexan®, plastic parts

-Stepper motors, pulleys, belts, bearings

- Integrated effector with pre-assembled arms,

J-head, fan, shroud, LEDs and wiring harness

- Mega and RAMPS 1.4 card

- USB cable

- LCD display and panel

- Noise dampening rubber feet

- Bowden tube and fittings

- No-soldering-needed wiring harness

- Beveled mirror printing surface

- Reel holder

- All nuts, bolts, washers, and hardware needed to complete the kit

Tools supplied with the kit:

- 1 lb of recommended 1.75mm filament

- set of metric ball end hex wrenches

- 5.5mm open end wrench

- 3mm nut starter

- SD card (with all required distributed software and user manual)

- USB SD card reader

- extrusion cutter for slides

In other words, you you only need to provide a digital caliper, and a few

common tools like a small slotted and Phillips screwdrivers,

needle nosed pliers, a marker, and a sharp utility knife.

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The best part about this printer is the quality of the objects it produces. It uses 1.75mm PLA filament, available from us or from a variety of sources. A heated bed option for ABS filament will be available soon. The parts shown here were printed by the AUTO1.

Examine some of the parts produced by an AUTO1

Think what you could do with your own 3D printer!

Price: $895 plus shipping

We are working hard to provide for online ordering, but for now, simply call us to place an order.

To order, or for more information, email or call (636)336-6150