Special Offer to Subscribers of

Digital Machinst Magazine

If you are a subscriber of Digital Machinist Magazine, which is running an article on the construction of the AUTO1 3D printer, there is a discount offered for a kit price of $845.00, a savings of $50.

In addition, a set of partial kits is being offered to DM readers:

All aluminum extrusions (9 pieces) $95.00

Kit of All Printed Parts (both ABS and PLA, but not including those used in extruder or effector) $100.00

Effector assembly with carbon fiber arms (Includes J-head, fan, thermocouple, LEDs) $190.00

Effector assembly without custom carbon fiber arms $120.00

Set of 6 custom carbon fiber arms $70.00

Extruder assembly, including stepper motor and wiring to harness $95.00

Kit of platen, base, mirror, & reel holder parts $70.00

Kit of Hardware (includes tools) $90.00

Kit of Electronics (RAMPS+Mega+Pololu) $75.00

Kit of Wiring (includes power panel, power switch and wiring, USB cable, probe jack, and main harness) $90.00

Kit of Steppers (3 motors – not including extruder stepper, including 3 belts and 3 gears) $100.00

LCD panel kit (cover, button, knob, LCD display, cables, adapter, SD card reader) $55.00

10 Amp Power Supply $35.00

To order, please call (636)336-6150