AUTO 1 Prints

This page is a collection of objects printed by the AUTO 1 to illustrate its print capabilitites.

All images are of unchanged printed objects, except where noted in parentheses.

Each of these images may be enlarged by right-clicking on them

and selecting "View image" in Firefox, or "Open image in new tab" in Chrome.

This printed cylinder represents the print volume of an AUTO 1

8.0 inch diameter x 5.25 inch high

(203mm diameter x 133mm high)

Hold down clamps

(support material in bolt hole was removed)

Star Knob

Standard 1/4-20 nut press fit into top.

Pump impellor

Replacement dishwasher part - original part on left.

Hook for broomstick handle with internal threads to fit handle.

AUTO1StarKnob from Autotroph AUTO1 on Vimeo.

Printing the knob shown above.